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The PowerView family of products are a rugged 19" rack mount or bench top power distribution strips that can be configured with a range of overcurrent protection devices and inlet/outlet types.

Applications for PowerView include supporting R&D engineering lab projects, monitoring power in a production environment or intergration with control systems for industrial equipment.

PowerView is a family of products that offer a wide range of features to inform you of voltage, current and power usage, and to provide a means to control and monitor power to many loads.

Where available, the V-Lock style inlets and outlets are offered as a standard feature to provide a means to secure power cords from accidental disconnecting. V-Lock style inlets and outlets will also accept standard cord plugs.

Specifications: Data Sheet.
  • Input Voltage 120VAC, 230VAC, single Ø 50/60 Hz
  • Input Amps 20A North America, 16A IEC max
  • Output Protection UL 1077 protector or fuse
  • Outlet Nominal Voltage equivalent to mains input voltage
  • Outlet quantity/type 6, 8 or 12 IEC or North American
  • Voltage Range 85 - 264VAC
  • IEC Inlet
  • Outlets IEC or North American
  • V-Lock IEC Inlets and Outlets
  • Rubber Feet or Rack Mount
  • 17" x 4" x 1.75"
  • 4 - Function Input AC True-RMS Multi-Meter
    • Displays AC Volts, Amps, Watts, and Power Factor or Hertz
    • Display Modes Fixed or Auto-cycling
    • 4 - Digit Red LED Display
    • Voltage Accuracy ± 1% of full scale
    • Current Accuracy ± 2% of full scale
    • Power Accuracy ± 2% of full scale
    • Power Factor Accuracy ± 3% of full scale
  • Rear panel LED indicators on select models

PowerView PV-8, front

PowerView PV-8, back

PowerView PV-8I, back

PowerView PV-8S (with switched outputs)

PowerView PV-8S, back

V-Lock Plug

CE mark

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