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SafetyController™ P/N (customer specific)

Custom Safety Controller Solution for EN ISO 13849-1 with Remote Sensing.

Compliance with the EU Machinery Directive and EN ISO 13849-1, Safety of Machinery - Safety-related pars of control systems, can be a major challenge, even for the veteran product safety engineer. This standard introduces a new approach and new concepts in the process for mitigating risk.

Power Development Solutions is offering custom designs for Safety Controllers to satisfy your Machinery Directive Risk/Hazard Analysis Performance Level Requirements for compliance with En ISO 13849-1. A SISTEMA report can be provided.

Many features are available, such as monitoring coolant flow, temperature, voltage, current, interlock switches or other safety related sensors , which can be used to shut down system functions or power. Remote sensing via Ethernet is also available.

Enclosure design can also be customized to satisfy your system requirements.

All designs are custom made to customer specifications.

Typical Configuration:

  • 19" Rack Mount
  • 3U Height
  • Mate-N-Lok™ Sensor Connectors
  • Output Breaker: UL 489, Trip Current as needed
  • Input: 120-240VAC
  • Output Receptacles per Customer Requirements
  • Sensor Connectors per Customer Requirements
  • Single Channel or Dual Channel Sensor Inputs
  • Choice of Multiple Reset Modes
  • Choice of Wide Variety of Sensor Inputs
  • CE Marking Available
Safety Controller 1
Safety Controller 2
Safety Controller 2

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